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Little Witch and Little Pumpkin Girl from my Little Girl Series


I wasn’t inspired by anything when I created these pieces it was mainly for mainstream, Halloween, I was told as a Royalty Free Artist you need more images of holidays cause that’s what sells, Holidays. So I created these for my Little Girl Series, I always wanted little girls this life but cause of the crimes of 1998, by the LAPD, Olive View Medical and the Church of Scientology they destroyed my reproductive system on purpose, the LAPD and Olive View Medical were practicing Nazi Eugenics, they hate Jews and Scientologists etc etc. You can view my journeys to Federal Court For justice against these Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists that made me racist.

I no longer want to promote anything african american, cause of the abuse I received by the FBI/DOJ/LAPD, Obama and other Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists like them, their failure to act and neglect, they were hoping I’d go psychotic from all the abuse and kill myself  cause I’m white, Jewish, Scientologists etc etc, they are racist religious haters.

It causes me pain to promote and market my african american art based on these people’s actions of corruption and abuse and the actions of Barack Obama of corruption and abuse, his failure to act on purpose, if you can’t promote and market art, you can’t sell it, so that will be more damages against these Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists who destroyed my 2nd dynamic and made me an orphan, they decided I shouldn’t be a mother this life cause I’m a Scientologist, a Jew, White, a woman etc etc I wanted to adopt black kids, black fostercare kids to help make their dreams come true, I’m too fucked up now from all their abuse and corruption and too old to raise them. I won’t be helping black children this life nor white children, I won’t be helping any children this life, I now have a disdain for the human race based on the actions of abuse and corruption by all these Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists.  I hate the human race including all children and I want nothing more then to destroy all these Nigger’s, Anti Semite’s and Anti Scientologist’s children, their children, they made sure I couldn’t have kids, wouldn’t be a mom, now their children will be destroyed and they won’t be mothers nor fathers or even steven, it will be done legally, their children will be labeled and discriminated against as well as them for the rest of their lives and there’s nothing they can do about it, they did it to me now it will be done to them and their children can go psychotic from all the abuse and kill themselves. And that’s real Justice, I’m gonna be giving it to them right back or even steven.  Let’s see how they feel after their children are abused so much they take their own lives, let’s see if it causes them pain. Money does not make up for the damages these Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists caused me.  They all need to learn to stop abusing people and stop being corrupt and they won’t until they feel the pain of the loss of their own children, the loss of their 2nd dynamics, they will all be made orphans or even steven, then they’ll get it and stop abusing everybody and knock off the corruption.  This will all be legal.  No matter where they go, they will be found and abused to death legally LMAO. There’s no where to run, no where to hide.  They will all be labeled and discriminated against for their abuse and corruption.

I’ll have children next life either black or white, I won’t know until I get to the Jewish Federation on target 3.

These Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists aren’t worth helping, they are all corrupt and abusive, Obama let other blacks, jews and scientologists etc etc die while spying on them using fed gov resources as well only he couldn’t use them for anything like the PR or money etc etc so he let them die and not lifted one finger to help them. He was too busy stealing over $3 billion dollars and using this Loretta Lynch and the DOJ to do it.  Or in other words, Obama stole victim’s money, money that was suppose to go, should have gone to help victims, he stole it for his own personal gain and used Loretta Lynch to do it, she agreed to it, she agreed to steal victim’s money and she was the Attorney General for the DOJ. This is long term corruption and abuse by this administration.

I don’t know if therapy will handle it, I wasn’t a racist nor a religious hater but I am now from all their abuse and corruption. These Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists think it’s ok to abuse people cause of the color of their skin or their religion and we’ll accept their abuse and live with it and help them. Fuck them all.  I won’t be helping any Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists this life and they can try to sue for discrimination all day long, in the end, they’ll get counter lawsuits for wasting my time and Judgements to tie their souls to this rock, I’ll be breaking all discrimination laws legally, I’ll have approval from Federal Court to not hire any Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists and there’s nothing these Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists can do about it but get fucked. These Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists expect after they’ve abused you to hire them so they can abuse you over and over and over and over again. The abuse stops with me and more people can go to court and get approval to discriminate against Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists legally, maybe that will make them think twice before they abuse people based on the color of their skin, their religion, their gender etc etc.

In the end, Barack Obama’s legacy will be to discriminate against all Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists legally like him, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Michelle Obama, Joe Clancy, the Secret Serivce and the rest of his team, it will be legal to discriminate against Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists. That will be the new Civil Rights Movement, Freedom From all these Nigger’s, Anti Semite’s and Anti Scientologist’s abuse and corruption.

These Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists destroyed my ability to create art, I won’t be creating art ever again this life and the FBI/DOJ/LAPD will have to pay out for those damages too as they were part of destroying that too, the people within the FBI/DOJ/LAPD are Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists, this falls under hate crimes.  Hate crimes committed by Federal and Local Government in addition to the Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists etc etc that comitted the crimes.

I doubt under these circumstances my art will sell, so they’ll have to pay for that too, This has been going on since 2014, you can see the abuse and corruption on

So my new career will be to hunt these SP’s down, by the time I get to FedCourt, I’m sure Obama and his nigger, anti semite, anti scientologist wife including his team and his friends like Bill Gates all Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists will have mass murdered people outside of the USA and there will be bounties on their heads, hopefully it will be for dead not alive. I can’t wait to kill these SP’s and get paid for it from International Court. And if Loretta Lynch and/or Eric Holder are part of that too, I can’t wait to kill them too or cha ching LMAO So many ways to kill people, so little time.

My dream job will come true. So thanks Niggers, Anti Semites and Anti Scientologists, without your abuse and corruption this wouldn’t be possible.  How ironic, they  made me their executioner to stop them from mass murdering more human beings, in the history books it will talk about that LMAO too funny.  They’ll never see it coming, not even a mile away in slow motion LMAO.

And my bonus will be the secret service, I can’t wait to kill them all. After all they would have aided and abetted in the mass murder of billions of people, Obama thinks he’ll have secret service for protection and USA immunity during and after committing genocide and if it’s not the secret service, then his private security, they’ll be part of the warrant issued from International Court, Mr. Clean is not so clean or LMAO. Only an SP would blow off a victim and do what he and his team did to me. I was an interruption in his plans for world domination. I missed his withholds of premediated genocide.

Hey Obama, remember when the boko haram kidnapped those girls, I got your computations then, both you and your nigger, anti semite, anti scientologist wife’s. Yours was that you couldn’t govern under these circumstances and hers was that she felt blackmailed. You were the President of the USA not the President of Nigeria. Your head was over there and so was her’s in regards to the people, it wasn’t here about the USA and USA people, did I get premeditated computations for your futures? I think so, would helping a white, jewish, scientologist, female etc etc in the PR harm your plans for over there? Your long term plans of world domination thru the IMF and Trilateral Commission? LMAO. If you didn’t have 4th dynamic illegal premediated plans, I would have never gotten your computations nor emotions etc etc. But I’m not in a position of power to stop you, to prevent you, so you and your team including your nigger, anti semite and anti scientologist wife who only cared about her reputation will have to commit those atrocities, genocide etc etc and I’ll be there for the hunt, I’m gonna hunt you all down and bring you to Justice thru International Court either dead or alive, preferably dead LMAO and get paid for it. I wonder how much it will be total for everybody? $100 mil? $500 mil? What?

Some brothers will be joining me, Military CIA for the hunt, capture and reward.

As for my use of the word Nigger, 1st how do you describe a black person that is discriminating and bias towards you cause of the color of your skin? What do you call that person, a Reverse Racist? What?

The word Nigger wasn’t in my vocabulary but because of all these hate crimes committed on me by black people from their positions of power, it is now.

I also took it personally cause some of these people like Eric Holder were family members in my past lives, down my wholetrack as well as my bosses like within the DOJ and their Anti Hate Crimes Dept. I got Eric Holder’s computations, emotions, mental image pictures etc etc. I’m OT. 

And I was a slave here on planet earth, more then one life. It caused me pain that these niggers who were probably white slave owners in those past lives that beat me, turned around now in present time as blacks or african americans and tried to beat me down again so that I would die.

My therapy, intensive therapy psych drug free for OT’s ie people with psychic ability and past lives will have to address this issue as well as all the other issues caused by these hate crimes and sexual abuse. There is more then one issue that needs to be addressed in my therapy as well as more then one therapist. The compartmentalized version is Hate crimes and Sexual Abuse. 

I’m not a racist but these people turned me into one by their abuse ie neglect and failures to act on purpose. I’m now biased towards black people and don’t trust them and see color. They also damaged my past lives by their abuse, corruption, racism and religious hatred and therapy will have to address that as well.