The Queen

My art, “The Queen” was used for the book cover for the book “Feyland: The First Adventure by Anthea Sharp.


Updated 4/24/2018 

It looks like the author has updated her books with new book covers for 2018,  This is normal, authors do this alot.

Below is when my art was the book cover for her book. The shelf life was 5 years for the 1st book cover. 

Amazon.com_ Feyland_ The First Adventure_ Books
The First Adventure (Feyland, #0.5) by Anthea Sharp
Feyland_ The First Adventure_ Anthea Sharp_ 9781484178430_ Amazon.com_ Books
Anthea Sharp (Author of The Dark Realm)

If you are fans of my art work, don’t be upset, this is normal in the book biz. I like the new book covers, they look awesome, feel free to purchase her books.  

If you’re a fan of this piece, “The Queen” feel free to license it out from fotolia and you won’t have to pay royalities, it’s royalty free, whether you sell your products or free downloads.

Or purchase it from the gallery